Born and raised in Ohio, Ball is an Air Force veteran who has spent more than two decades as a TV reporter and anchor, including stints in Riverside County and Las Vegas. He first moved to the Coachella Valley in 1996. He's now running for California's 36th Congressional seat against Raul Ruiz.

Dan is a Republican running for California’s 36th Congressional seat, because he believes we need a strong community leader to represent us in Washington who will put constituents first, and work across the aisle and actually get things done for the Desert.

Dan is running as a citizen legislator, and his candidacy is centered around 4 pledges to voters:

  1. Serving in Congress should not be a career, and Dan pledges that if elected, he will serve no longer than 12 years.
  2. Tax payers should not be burdened with onerous compensation of its public servants. As such, Dan will turn down any pension/retirement benefits.
  3. As a veteran, Dan will use the VA health program and opt out of the so-called “Cadillac” healthcare plan members of Congress currently enjoy.
  4. Dan will donate 10% of his Congressional salary to helping local veterans with transportation to and from the VA hospital.

Dan intends to have the best constituent affairs operation in Congress, a duty that is often neglected by our members of Congress. He wants to focus on fixing the VA, and ensuring we keep the promises we have made to our vets. He intends to make comprehensive immigration reform a priority, and ensuring that reform is in the best interests of California.

Dan is a leading voice for the rights of the LGBT community and strongly believes in equality for all. Once elected to Congress, Dan will fight to ensure our laws do not discriminate against anyone for their sexual orientation or gender identity, and that all Americans receive equal protection under the law.

Lastly, Dan is a leading voice for the federal legalization of medical cannabis. One of Dan’s first acts in Congress will be to introduce legislation for the federal legalization of medical cannabis, in an effort to combat the increasing number of deaths caused by the growing opiate epidemic. In 2017 our nation saw over 60,000 deaths caused by this alarming epidemic in addition current numbers show that are losing 22 Veterans a day to suicide. Research shows that medical cannabis is a safe alternative to opioids to treat PTSD, chronic pain, cancer, and many other ailments.